A AllOne, All Star Me, As We Were B Bicycle Ride, Black Bear, Black Sheep, The Burning Machines, Broken Glass Kids C Cerce, Chalk Li, Chandos, Choke Up, Contender, Cool Parents,  Crucial Times, The Cryptics D Dads, The Damn Garrison, Dan Webb and the Spiders, The Dazies, Dead Generals, Deer Leap, The Destitute, Districts, D.O.Drent, Down To The Well, Drowning Lesson, Dryheave E The Effort, Exile F Fall Risk, Finisher, Fire First, The First Annual, Floods, Fortress, Fucko, Furnace G Genuine Rust, Gremlins, Guilt H Hammer Bros, Harriers, Headhunt, Humaana, Hunger I I Kill Giants, Iron Gag J Jeff Aust, Jeff Rowe K Kevin Quinn (as Tack & Thread), Kid Driving, Kitner L Ladybones, LandminesLate Nite Wars, Let It Go, Life & Limb, Loner Chic, Long Lost M Matahari, Milkshakes, Monkey Knife Fight, My Heart To Joy N Nam Le, The Nasty, New Legs, No Submission, Now Now O Old Wild Eyes, The Outcasted P Pleasure Beach, Powerwolves, Purple Heart R Rachel Hael, Radley Tree, Raw Blow, Reservoir, Roadrunner, Ryan Messina S Save Ends, Screaming Skull, Sea, Shakusky, Sick Day, Sink or Swim, Subverso, Suffer On Acid T Tancred, Tenants, Tied To A Bear, Twin Cyclist,  Tyler Daniel Bean U Ultraviolet V Veloz, Villain  W Watchfire, Who Loves You, Word for Word, The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The World Series, War Animal Y Yellow Stitches


SnowHaus, Vundabar, Old Wild Eyes, The First Annual, Hammer Bros, Sink Or Swim, Baerga, Two Ton Bug, Now Now, Shakusky, I Kill Giants, Chalk Li, The Burning Machines, Nam Le, The Languid Current, Dirtnaps, Idiot Genes Etc...


-BBB, Topshelf, Polyvinyl, Broken World Media, Tor Johnson, Panic, No Sleep, Black Numbers, Carpark Arrest, Frequency Deleted, Flannel Gurl, Brass City Boss Sounds, Painted Ox, Get Stoked, Hellfish Family, Kat Kat, React with Protest, Parade of Spectres, Start A Fire, Asbestos, Triumph of Life,  John Wilkes Booth, Pine Hill, 1332