Current 2016 Rates


(Rates are general guidelines - by-the-project prices are also offered)


Big Room Rental-Add 150/Day (For Certain Projects i like to rent out a bigger room for drums-If this interests you, please contact!)

Mix Revisions - first round of mix revisions after the initial mix is free of charge (up to 4 hours of time -  ie, not 4 pages of notes with new stems being sent, or "unsure"or vague mix notes). Mix Revisions after the first set will be billed at 40/Hour


(Rates are general guidelines-Please contact with project specifics)

7" - 100 (up to 14 Minutes)

EP - 200

LP- 300

Booking: booking time requires a 1/3rd deposit with the remaining balance due at the end of your session. So, for example,ifyou book 2 days at 300 per day, a 200$ deposit is due prior to the dates booked and the remaining400 would be due at the end day 2. Certain exceptions can be made with a total-project-price. Please contact with specifics! Please note: Your sessions are NOT BOOKED until deposit is paid. i can pencil in dates, but can also book over that project if the deposit hasn't been paid.

Payments: Deposits can be paid Via PayPal or with a credit/debit card. Remaining balances can also be paid Via PayPal, Credit/Debit or Cash. For mixing and mastering, you will be invoiced before any mixes or masters are sent. On certain bigger mixing projects, i may require a deposit to get started. Feel free to ask any and all questions related to booking and paments at any time.